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Working hard or hardly working? 

By: TE 

I was always raised to think that homework is the most important thing in school. Today I will show you it is not that simple.

You may be surprised, but homework also has negative effects! Homework causes children to lie to parents or teachers, copy from friends and sometimes do their homework carelessly just to get it done. Homework can cause stress and anger between parents and children. Another negative effect can be the gap between rich and poor – rich parents can afford to pay private tutors, while less rich parents can not. This creates a gap in school and classroom between children from different families.

On the other hand, there is no doubt that homework also has positive sides. Studies show that homework helps to better remember the study material, can increase comprehension, and homework can also push the student to think of independent solutions. In addition, homework involves parents in their children’s learning and helps teachers know the level of students.

So can we make homework a better experience? Maybe we can!

I think that in order to make homework a good experience – teachers should give few options according to the level of the students, give homework solely on the material taught in class, and give some of the homework as a non-compulsory assignment. It is important to guide students to do their homework in a creative or artistic way, and to make sure that the time required to prepare homework is relatively short.

To conclude, we saw that homework has pros and cons, and there are ways to make homework a good experience. So now the teachers have a lot of homework to do on how to make our homework an amazing experience!


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